Drugs Shipped Right to Your Door

A package just arrived.  Maybe you didn’t order anything recently and you aren’t sure who the sender is.  Or, maybe you find the police knocking on your door one evening to ask you some questions about packages you have been supposedly receiving but yet you don’t recall ever having personally seen or opened any packages recently.  As strange as this sounds it seems to be a growing trend wherein drug traffickers mail drugs to unsuspecting homeowners as a way to mask their trail and reduce the chances of being caught.

The actual intended recipient could be someone as close as one of your neighbors who knows your daily work routine and when you will be away.  In such situations the neighbor simply watches for delivery and then recovers the package from the front of your house while you are away.  This could go on for some time without you ever noticing.  In other cases it could be someone you don’t know who doesn’t live anywhere near you.  Your address could be essentially random.  The recipient knows the date and time of delivery and simply swings by to again recover the package during the day while you are away.  In either case the homeowner where the package was shipped is completely innocent and uninvolved.

An online article discusses this growing trend.  In cases where marijuana is being shipped the traffickers will often pack with coffee grinds or smothered in mustard or grease to mask the telltale smell.  Some of the biggest shippers like Fedex and UPS do scan packages for illegal drugs, but unfortunately many still get through due to the high volumes of packages being shipped.  Police sometimes recover the packages during shipment and at other time will intentionally let the packages get delivered so that they can intercept and arrest the recipient.

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