Aggressive Defense from a Former Prosecutor

Being charged with a drug crime, whether it’s for possession or even sale of a controlled substance, can be a frightening experience. Unfortunately, even the smallest of drug charges can have a lasting impact on your life, your finances, and your employment potential. That is why you must take an active role to combat these charges.

As a former prosecutor, I have been involved in a large number of drug cases on both sides of the courtroom. I have the hard-earned ability to see the issues from all sides, and I use that insight and skill to protect you. My experience as a drug crime defense attorney allows me to help you understand your charges, the penalties you face, and even the specific strategies the prosecution is likely to use against you.

I will help you protect your rights and defend you against drug charges relating to possession or sale of a wide range of drugs and controlled substances, including:

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Marijuana

  • Methamphetamine

  • Ecstasy

  • Prescription medication

I Will Study the Details of Your Case before Offering Advice on Your Options

I leave no stone unturned, gathering information for your defense. Some of the questions I will find answers to include:

  • Did police officers act within all legal guidelines during their investigation?

  • Were your rights respected throughout the entire investigation and your arrest?

  • Was every piece of evidence against you secured by legal means?

  • Which pieces of evidence are admissible in court?

  • How strong is the prosecution’s case against you?

  • Can the prosecution uphold its burden of proof?

Every piece of information gathered in my investigation will be used to protect your rights and assist in your defense. Depending upon the circumstances of your case and your criminal background, the prosecution may be persuaded to offer alternative sentencing measures, helping you avoid a conviction and a lasting criminal record.

Of course, plea deals are not always in your best interests, and when that happens, I am more than willing to take your case to trial. Relying on experience gained in more than 75 court trials, I will work aggressively to tell your side of the story.