Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Kingston, New York

Criminal law involves legal issues where the accused (defendant) faces a government body instead of another civilian or organization. When facing criminal charges, it’s important to know that they may come from either the State or Federal level.

Facing Federal criminal charges can be a scary experience. They’re often serious and involve the full resources of the Federal government working to prove your guilt. The situation is stressful for the defendant and brings a whole different set of challenges than being charged at the State level.

You want to work with an attorney who understands and is up-to-date on Federal laws and regulations and has accumulated lots of time in the courtroom. Fortunately for New York residents being charged with a Federal crime, I’m an accomplished and well-versed trial lawyer with the necessary tools and experience to come to their defense.

You are not the crime you are accused of.

Let me show them the whole story

Common Federal Charges

While many crimes can be classified under the State and Federal levels, some offenses are specifically handled by the latter. Here are some of the most common Federal charges someone may face:

  • Tax evasion
  • Mail fraud
  • Kidnapping
  • Bank robbery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Violations of the Federal Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • Counterfeiting
  • Damaging or destroying public mailboxes
  • Obscenity

If you are convicted of one of the above crimes, it’s possible to see severe penalties like heavy fines, extensive jail time, and difficulty finding jobs or housing. That’s why choosing the right attorney to help you fight the charges is one of the most important steps you will take.

I see the person behind the charges

After trying so many cases, one thing I understand is that each case involves a unique person. I believe one-hundred percent that a successful defense attorney has to create complete trust with their clients. Regardless of how serious the charges are, I will listen to my clients and provide them with an opportunity to tell their story. I place an emphasis on honest, clear communication that keeps you informed through every step of the situation. That’s why I’ve earned not just the respect of my clients, but also positive recognition from my peers.

As a former prosecutor, I know both sides of the process and use my knowledge of those tactics to defend my clients. I am proactive in my pursuit of success—visiting crime scenes, attaining relevant photos, and sharing the positive aspects of your character—and will stand with you throughout the entire course of your case.

Federal Criminal Defense in Kingston, New York

Being charged by the Federal government with a crime is a serious matter. Don’t feel lost and hopeless. Choose an attorney who will listen to you and see the person behind the charges. As a former prosecutor, I have extensive knowledge and experience to help your case. I’ll use every tool at my disposal to defend you.