Hire an Attorney with Experience Handling Organized Crime Cases

Organized crime cases are often high profile and take high priority in the eyes of the criminal justice system. This means that individuals charged with an offense relating to organized crime often face the full weight of the prosecution’s office; in many cases, the prosecutor will devote the majority of his resources to obtaining a conviction. Oftentimes these investigations will involve wiretaps and eavesdropping warrants, pen registers, and search warrants.

If you have been arrested or informed that you are the target of an investigation related to organized crime, it is important that you obtain quality legal representation immediately. As a former prosecutor who served in the New York State Organized Crime Task Force, I have the insight and knowledge needed to help you defend yourself against even the most serious charges relating to organized crime.

By conducting this thorough research and analysis, I work to protect your rights and build a defense that increases your chances of obtaining the best possible resolution. Many penalties stem from a conviction, including:

  • Hefty fines

  • Possible jail time

  • Loss of driving privileges

  • Probation

  • Mandatory alcohol classes or counseling

Seek Experienced Defense against Your Charges

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, an offense relating to organized crime, you should seek an experienced defense lawyer who possesses the skills and knowledge needed to handle your case. These cases often involve many complex details that must be addressed in order to prepare a strong defense.

My work in the prosecutor’s office has offered me a unique look into the challenges the prosecution faces when building its case against you.

By reviewing each detail of your case, I search for information that can be used to effectively present a defense in order to obtain the best possible resolution. During my review, I make note of any inconsistencies in witness statements or contradictory evidence. I will also review the actions of officers during their investigation and your arrest to search for deviations from proper procedure or infringements upon your rights. Any information gained from my investigation may prove useful to your defense.

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Convictions relating to organized crime charges often lead to serious penalties, including lengthy prison terms. You may also lose property if law enforcement officers deem that it was used in the course of a crime. For example, police officers may take possession of a car or boat used to transport drugs, or seize a home or storefront suspected to be a base of organized illegal operations.