Experienced Defense against Violent Crime Offenses

Criminal charges for violent crimes often carry very stiff penalties, including long prison terms or probation periods and big fines. Prosecutors often get media attention from violent crime cases. For these reasons and others, you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately after you are charged or arrested for a violent crime.

As a former prosecutor myself, I begin preparing your defense while the evidence is still fresh, the witness statements are timely and the prosecution is still building its own case against you. My experience on both sides of the courtroom enables me to give you the aggressive representation you need to fight even the most serious charges, including:

  • Murder

  • Assault and battery

  • Domestic violence

  • Kidnapping

  • Robbery

  • Menacing

  • Gang assault

  • Weapons charges

Begin Preparing Your Defense Today

The judicial system views violent crimes as very serious offenses. Overloaded prosecutors may make an extra effort to get you convicted. So if you are charged — or even if you think that you might be charged — contact my office right away. By acting quickly, you dramatically improve your chances in court.

To Help You Create an Effective defense Strategy, I Will:

Review All Available Evidence

From the moment you retain my services, I will begin gathering and reviewing all available evidence. In many cases, especially those involving battery or domestic violence, witness statements are the majority of the prosecution’s case. In cases involving murder or weapons charges, the evidence may be more technical. Whatever your charges may be, I look for inaccuracies in information, conflicting witness statements and many other factors that may be useful in your defense.

Build Your Defense

As a highly experienced trial attorney, I know how to build a strong defense. Using all available evidence and information, I will carefully structure your defense to provide you with the best chance of avoiding a conviction.

Explore Alternative Sentencing Options

Every case is unique, and you deserve better than a cookie-cutter defense. Depending on your specific circumstances, it may be possible to avoid a conviction through alternative measures. Your best option might be to negotiate a plea, reducing the charges against you and the penalties you face. I will explore all options, while always preparing your case to go to trial, to ensure that you have the best possible defense no matter what.

Contact me for the Aggressive Defense You Deserve

Convictions relating to organized crime charges often lead to serious penalties, including lengthy prison terms. You may also lose the property if law enforcement officers deem that it was used in the course of a crime. For example, police officers may take possession of a car or boat used to transport drugs, or seize a home or storefront suspected to be a base of organized illegal operations