More New York State Police on Roads for Holidays

They are urging the public to plan ahead and use extra caution during this period of parties and celebrations.  U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies are teaming up for the effort.

Their recommendations are sound:  designate a sober driver, call a taxi or a friend, use a community ride program if available.  if you see a suspected drunk driver, call police immediately.  If someone around you is impaired, take their keys and help them arrange alternative transportation.  These actions, if taken, save lives.

In addition to DWI, the police officers are watching for distracted drivers, or any drivers otherwise driving in an unsafe manner.

If you are arrested and charged with DWI, say as little as possible, contact an attorney immediately and engage their services in your defense.  Quick action can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

According to the article, last holiday season, 630 DWI arrests were made in New York.  Twice that many tickets were issued for distracted driving.  Keep yourself, your family and loved ones, and everyone safe and happy during this holiday season by driving safely and soberly!

Original story in East Niagara Post.

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