New York Man Files a $162 Million Claim for 25 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

Jonathan Fleming, a man who was recently exonerated after spending 25 years in prison for a 1989 murder, is taking steps to make sure that he gets what he rightfully deserves. His exoneration came about when the Brooklyn district attorney’s office agreed that he had a valid alibi on the night of the murder.

He was initially arrested because a woman testified that she witnessed him committing the crime, despite that he was with his entire family in Orlando, Florida, with pictures, video, and plane tickets to prove it. The prosecutors tried to argue that he flew back to New York to commit the crime, and then returned to Florida to his family.

The witness recanted her statement at a later date, and after the defense uncovered a hotel receipt in possession of the prosecutors stating that Fleming himself paid for a hotel room mere hours before the murder took place, it was only a matter of time before his conviction was reversed.

Since his release, Fleming has been the recipient of a crowd-funding campaign to help him get back on his feet. In addition, he is looking for a job to support himself while his claim makes its way through the system.


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