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Although violent crime has been an issue in the city of Newburgh, New York for some time, a number of initiatives and additional funding have helped the Newburgh police department reduce crime through mid-year 2015.

The city of Newburgh, New York has had an issue with violent crime for some time. In partnership with various local, state, and national agencies the City of Newburgh Police Department has been able to obtain additional funding and participate in programs that help reduce violent crime rates. Funding from one source has helped the Newburgh police department implement additional neighborhood foot patrols since January 2015. Foot patrols allow the police to have a greater neighborhood presence and rapport with residents and better stay in touch with local activity. Hence foot patrols should help to deter crime and reassure residents that the police are nearby and available.

Another source of funding has been from the New York State Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) program. This program is credited with helping to reduce shootings in Newburgh by approximately 37% since the beginning of the grant program. Other drops in gun related violent crime have also been reported. Despite the drop in crime, there are unfortunately still too many homicides. New GIVE funding will help the police to add more foot patrols in targeted neighborhood hotspots for gun violence and also for programs that help deter gun violence among youth such as the Youth Police Initiative.

Overall, the Newburgh police department was able to show a reduction across all crime areas of approximately 15% for the first half of 2015 as compared to the first half of 2014. Violent crime which includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault also showed approximately a 15% drop.

Goals to further reduce crime rates are noble and help to keep cities and streets safer for all residents. The Newburgh police plan to continue to collaborate with all available partners so that they can continue providing an improving level of public safety.

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