Recent Evidence in NY Might Exonerate Jailed Man

39-year-old Tony Yarbough, who describes himself as “just another victim of [the crime],” has been in prison for a triple homicide since June of 1992. Originally, he and Sharrif Wilson were arrested after being coerced into providing statements that they were guilty of murdering Yarbough’s mother, half-sister, and his sister’s friend. This despite DNA evidence found underneath Yarbough’s mother’s fingernails which did not match anyone, including either of the suspects.

Further exacerbating the issue is the fact that another woman was found murdered in 1999 with the same DNA underneath her fingernails, while the two men were still in prison.

The new Brooklyn District Attorney is expected to re-open the case as part of a strong push for justice right out of the gate.

Yarbough has stated that he believes he was only seen as a suspect and arrested because his mother had publicly disapproved of his friendship with Wilson, and that police coerced the two 15-year-olds into signing bogus confessions, which they both later recanted at age 18. Both have taken polygraph tests confirming their stories, which they both passed with flying colors.

Yarbough’s and Wilson’s attorneys are entirely confident that the men will be released from prison soon. All of the evidence is overwhelmingly in their favor, and sources inside the DA’s office say the case is a great candidate for being overturned.

Some blame delay on the previous DA, who has been suspected of personally vetting several wrongful imprisonment cases. Now that he is out of office, the case is expected to go through shortly.

Hopefully justice is served soon.

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