Melanson Law Office P.C. July 7, 2013

The consequences of subsequent DWI’s within ten years of a DWI conviction become much more serious, with both fines and incarceration time increasing, and the violation no longer considered a misdemeanor, but a felony instead.

A tourist from out of state or from another country may ask themselves, “If I am arrested in New York on a DWI, will the harsh laws that apply to citizens of the state apply to me as well?”

“Yes, they will,” states New York criminal defense attorney Thomas J. Melanson, Esq. He explained that “when arrested on a DWI, your case is handled in New York where the crime was committed, and if you are convicted of a DWI, the consequences will impact your driving privileges in the state as well.”

When arrested on a DWI, immediately retain the services of a New York attorney familiar with the state’s DWI laws, since an experienced, competent New York criminal defense attorney will immediately address the penalties, fines, jail time, and other consequences stemming from your DWI arrest.

Of Interest:

It is just as important however, when arrested for a DWI in New York, to consult with an attorney in your home jurisdiction, too. An attorney from your home state or country will know how an arrest and conviction on a DWI charge in New York will impact your life once you return home, and thus will know how to plan accordingly.

There are various angles and approaches to take in fighting a DWI charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows these angles and approaches and knows that by reviewing your case – why you were arrested, the actions of the arresting officer during field sobriety testing, the reliability of the blood alcohol testing equipment used to gather evidence against you – he may discover errors that were made during and after the arrest that may impact the charges against you.

Contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately after your DWI arrest is the best way to not only minimize the lasting damage caused by a conviction, but to also increase the chances of obtaining the best possible resolution in your case, as well.