Woman Wrongfully Convicted of Strangling Daughter Dies

She maintained her innocence the entire time, right through when she was arrested and had to spend almost all of her children’s lives behind bars.

Her exoneration came about after DNA evidence showed that her daughter’s death was related to a different man named Dennis Donohue, who was arrested for the murder of another woman and was sentenced to 25-to-life. After even further investigating, a medical examiner made  a rather outlandish discovery that Peters’ 13-year-old daughter had died from an accidental overdose of cocaine.

As a result of her arrest and exoneration, she was awarded $2.7 million in damages by the state.

Peters herself recently passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer. She was surrounded by her loved ones, and near the time of her passing mentioned that she was excited to see her daughter again.

Unfortunately, her story is becoming all to familiar; however, there is help and hope out there, and even though it may seem like obstacles are stacking up against you, the truth almost always wins out if you just keep fighting.

Source: http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/buffalo/cancer-takes-life-of-lynn-dejac-peters-wrongfully-imprisoned-in-daughters-death-20140618

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