Is Your Attorney a Former Prosecutor?

To effectively defend you against your criminal charges, you will want to make sure you choose a knowledgeable, proactive criminal defense attorney.  An attorney who has worked both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor may be able to give you additional advantages not immediately apparent.

When your defense attorney is a former prosecutor, he has an edge – he has experience in seeing the case from the prosecution’s side and therefore knows just what they need to build their case against you.  By knowing what elements and witnesses a prosecution needs to make a successful court case, your defense attorney is able to reliably estimate as to what the prosecution may or may not have, and thus will be able to make better decisions and give better advice to you, as well.

A former prosecutor will also have valuable insight into how the prosecution works, an insight that will assist him in anticipating the prosecution’s next move. By anticipating the prosecution’s next move, your attorney will be able to stay one step ahead by preparing your defense accordingly.

Of Interest:

As a former prosecutor, your defense attorney will have an intimate knowledge of the criminal process from both sides, which will be an asset in building a strong defense. A criminal defense attorney who has handled numerous cases that ran the gamut from very simple to quite complex and who also has experience as a prosecutor, will be familiar with the strategies a district attorney will use in his prosecution, and he will also know proven defense strategies to successfully defend you in your specific case.

An attorney’s work on both sides of the courtroom gives him the knowledge and experience to prepare a successful defense and achieve the optimum outcome in your criminal case.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia by Mike Faulk.

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